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Dr. Adjoa Smalls-Mantey, MD, DPhil, is a physician-scientist and writer. She conducted viral immunology research for many years and currently practices psychiatry in New York City. Her mission as a writer is to empower people by sharing information about health, wellness, and mental illness. Dr. Smalls-Mantey loves art and enjoys travelling.

Dr. Maria Abraham, MD, MPH, is a public health physician who has spent her career working in Asia and the United States. She is passionate about improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Dr. Abraham is a mother to two boys who keep her busy and always entertained. She and her family enjoy traveling the globe and eating their way through the wonderful neighborhoods of New York City.

What readers are saying

Amazon CustomerInformative, educational book

I read this book to my child, who enjoyed looking at the pictures. The book has scientifically sound information, presented in a simple, understandable way. It's an important contribution towards the health of children. The topic is very timely and relevant from a public health perspective.

Amazon CustomerGenuine, Informative and Inclusive

This is a great book for kids regarding vaccinations and fear of the unknown about vaccinations. Presents an inclusive and relatable experience for children to learn and critically analyze their feelings about vaccinations. This book could also be helpful to adults who are experiencing similar fears and questions. Thank you for giving us this book! Vivid colors and illustrations make it a great read for kids

Amazon CustomerA welcome addition to my home library

My 6 year old and I love this book! The story and illustrations are beautiful. We admittedly needed to read it over the course of 3 reading sessions because it’s longer than a 6 year old’s attention span but as a parent I appreciate the authors’ ambitious purpose. I recommend the book to every family - vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

Amazon CustomerColorful and informative

This is a book that you can read with your child. I love how diverse the children are. I find the information accurate and digestable. If you're struggling to find a way to talk about this to your children, this is the way to do so - it has all the answers!

Amazon CustomerUrgently necessary, delightfully educational!

This book by two brilliant doctors is a wonderful educational tool and fun story for kids and adults alike! Learn something about health and vaccines with this delightful book, and also enjoy some diverse representation!